, Costa Mesa

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 13:51:36
“The hobby (not commercial services using remote vehicles) of model aircraft construction and flying is not a viable concern of the Government. The pursuit of non-destructive or non-dangerous leisure time hobbies should never have become a Government issue. I have personally enjoyed this hobby for most of my life, and also with my son, for at least 50 years. My interest in flying has been a great positive influence in my life choices for occupation, education, and general family connectivity and enjoyment. To begin the process of “Government-izing” (remove all fun, freedom to learn by doing and enjoyment) is an abomination of our principles of freedom of choice in these United States. We are a nation of free thinkers that have always been allowed to learn and succeed with our dreams and accomplishments. Excess/Oppressive Government is not, and never has or will be, the answer to correcting the actions of the few. Go after the few dangerous users of this equipment with a vengeance (flying into manned aircraft, dropping explosives on people/places, etc.), and leave the vast majority of us thoughtful and careful hobbyist alone and free from unnecessary restrictions. The possible bad actions that the use of our hobby equipment might enable are already illegal, so use your power of enforcement of the laws already in place to eliminate the actual bad guys, not “everyone remotely connected with dangerous capability to offend”. Thank you for your consideration, Mel Hitchcock”