, Mckinney

, Texas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 15:28:22
“I started flying when I was 16 and continue working on aircraft for the United States military. Flying is what I do, building and maintaining is my job. I get off work to go fly my own airplanes after working on military aircraft. If these new regulations came into place as is I couldn’t fly anything I own. I have more than $10,000 invested in this Hobby everything from fpv drones, fixed-wing aircraft, long-range fpv aircraft, tiny indoor micro Flyers and much more. I understand a need for safety but going to these extremes will not help our hobby or safety. The solution needs to be simple and it needs to be free no subscriptions no fees. Sky belongs to everyone so let’s make sure everyone gets a chance to take to the skies, don’t regulate us out.”