, Campbell

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 15:30:37
“First of all I want to thank Flite Test for teaching me how to flight first and then how to build my own planes. You gave me this hobby that produces in my so much joy guys! Flite Test released my inner child that wanted to be an engineer (what I’m) to build my own toys! As a kid money was always an issue at home and not much toys were available for me and my brothers. Me and my youngest brother we always dram to pilot an RC plane what at that moment was just ridiculously expensive for my parents. Being almost 50 years old I discovered Flite Test and realized that the cost of the flying technology nowadays is much more accesible that 40 years ago. My hobby become an important part of my life now. I built 12 planes in this 3 years, some of them are Flite Test designs or kits, some of them ar a modification like my Polaris “like” FT Mini Arrow (I made it a sea plane), I also created my trash flying wing made of supermarket chicken package and my last project was to RC convert a glider toy plane. Almost every day I check through the window and if the day is not too windy I try to snick some hour to go flying some of my toys to a park that is just 5 minutes drive from home. One of the reasons my wife and me rented this house is precisely that park ;-) I wish we succeed in our efforts to save this marvelous hobby from being regulated out of the sky! Driving 2 miles to the closest AMA field (I’ve never been there, and who knows if that place will became a FRIA) would already kill most of my flying time.”