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, North Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-14 12:17:17
“I am new to flight! I have a couple of drones, one is strictly an indoor drone – my first! The other is a nice BNF drone from Horizon Hobby, I got all of the stuff to get started for this Spektrum radios etc…. I also purchase my youngest daughter basically the same set-up! Since then I have found your YouTube channel, I am now very interested in scratch building planes, even trying to 3D print a plane, my daughter is very interested in these also. I’m hoping this helps spark her current interest in Computer Sciences (what she is currently looking at majoring in when she goes to college in the next couple of years) to help her become even more curious about the multitude of career paths this could take her. We have access to a large farm that could become off limits if the current FAA things go through. I understand the need to have some regulation, but there can be somethings that are over the top!”