, zeeland

, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-14 12:12:48
“I learned to when I found a youtube video of the FT flyer. I run an R&D lab in a company that used the same laser cutter as FT and thought it would be fun to try and cut a plane out. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to learn to fly but the cost and complexity was too great. I Just stuck with hobby grade ground vehicles because of that. FT showed me that I could learn to fly affordably which still crashing and not getting discouraged. I went through quite a few planes at first but then grew to love the hobby. I’ve build close to 20 different Ft models over the years and then progressed in to BNF type aircraft. I have gotten many in to the hobby by showing them that its fun and approachable. I am even a Brand Ambassador for Horizon Hobby now as well as a HH flight instructor. I now get to teach new pilots how to fly. Its been a great outlet to use my problem solving skills, design skills, and electronics skills as an engineer outside of my work. I’m am sincerely concerned about the future of the this hobby now. So much so that I have cut back on time on my flying for fear of it all going away in an instant. I am an AMA member and also a part of a local club but I’m also aware that many people don’t have that luxury nor should they have to.”