Master Police Officer Chris


, Avon

, Colorado

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 16:31:10
“I am a licensed part 107 pilot. I am a 30 year vet Police Officer and the Dept. UAV program lead pilot. I am a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadron Commander and a CAP UAV Mission Pilot. I also belong to an informal local fixed wing flying club. Most weekend mornings are spent at our rural flying field flying. ALL flights are done with visual line of sight and efforts are made to stay below 400 AGL. Our site is in uncontrolled air space and in over 20 years we have never had a conflict with manned aircraft. Being in a remote rural location we do not have electric power. Requiring internet based remote ID connection could end 20 plus years of safe conflict free RC flying as our small group of 15-20 pilots. The closest regulation fixed flying site is over 2 Hrs one way. The end of RC flying at our site would end the many education opportunities I have taken advantage of a the Commander of my CAP Cadet Squadron. RC flying is a great method of inspiring and teaching our next generation of pilots and aerospace engineers. My Squadron would not be able to continue our current aerospace education program. Flying is only a part of a “Flying Club” friendships would fade and a safe family friendly social interaction would suffer. As a Law enforcement and CAP UAV pilot I believe we could meet most of the new remote ID regs but not easily. These two organizations are all about public safety and don’t need regulations but I fear both would have to comply with regulations that greatly limit or end important flights. Both CAP and Law enforcement often flights in remote areas without internet or even cell service often for potential life saving missions. Internet connection in theses situations could be done but I suspect the cost and complexity would end some important flying situations. Recreational RC flying and commercial UAV flying can stand to improve on safety. The current FAA proposal would do that but often in areas that do not need regulations. These regulations could end the very activities they set out to make safer.”