, Newton

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 16:30:08
“I started fpv about 2 years ago and it’s really been a godsend for me before I started fpv I was constantly depressed lack of motivation to do just about anything and I wanted to leave my career 24/7 just because of the stress after starting fpv it has relieved majority of my stress do you know there’s little things here and there that still get me but for the most part when I can put my goggles on and take flight and have fun in the skies it allows me to relax the way I need to be able to deal with life on a regular basis honestly I see no reason whatsoever regulate hobbyist with this proposal I can understand regulating commercial drone flying such as the Amazon delivery system the Google delivery stuff like that that are trying to use drones to deliver Packaging but I feel that regulating the hobbyist is really going to hinder the advancements in technology for this said industry and for this to hinder me from flying around my neighborhood just to relieve some stress which my neighbors come out and watch me fly even because they think it’s something cool I can get other kids into this and get younger Generations into it to keep them off the streets and off the drugs that I find in my community now but if the FAA is allowed to pass this proposal a lot of that Community togetherness is going to be gone”