, Folsom

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 1:37:20
“When I was around 6 years old my fondest memories were watching my father fly his spitfire around a mostly empty industrial park near our home. Years after he quit the hobby I decided to get into to after watching how cool it looked on your flite test videos. First I started with a sport cub s, then went up to now a T28 1.1 and a Valiant 1.3, and later to build 2 1.5m mid wing and top wing aircraft completely from scratch with old motors and esc’s/ electronics from my fathers long gone crashed planes. After having so much fun with this hobby it would be very concerning to me if I could not fly at the location 3 minutes from my house and have to drive for forty minutes to my nearest club airfield that costs over 100 dollars for membership. Where I live I fly right under the approach path for my town’s local airport and when I fly seeing full scale planes fly over I am well below their approach altitude at the highest I fly my models. I can see this being in effect for long range model aircraft or drones in more populated areas, but making every person install and even pay for remote id devices in their model aircraft and limiting them to certain areas to fly their home made aircraft would be absurd. My small model toy poses no threat to aircraft or people as long as I fly it responsibly in an area safe for flight. putting trackers in it or banning my homemade aircraft would do no good to anyone, just kill a hobby and tradition for people.”