, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-26 1:06:45
“I have been flying for almost 30 years. Started by building and flying slope soaring RC planes (still one of my favorite forms of flying). I have branched out into electric airplanes, building and flying a large assortment of different style of aircraft. I fly mostly in remote sites away from the general public. It is an extremely rewarding hobby and provides years of clean, safe, educational recreation and fun. I rarely crash and have never injured anyone or caused property damage. I have not really flown much FPV, line of sight flying and acrobatics keep me entertained plenty, not saying I never will, just have not yet, All fixed wing planes, multi rotors just don’t get me jazzed, I have seen some cool flying and have nothing against it as long as its done with respect and safety as priority. Please don’t destroy our hobby. Cheers”