, Ireland

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2020-02-23 15:55:26
“I have been flying or attempting to fly model aircraft since the early seventies. I say attempting to fly due to the inadequate technology that prevailed at the time when models with brushed motors and nicad batteries were almost heavier than air. My work as an electronics technician was invaluable as a means of progressing my rc hobby when I built a proportional multichannel transmitter ,receiver and servos.The equipment including the servos was built entirely from discreet components.The allowed frequency back then was 27 Mhz. Back then models building took weeks or months and loss of control happened quickly when someone nearby used a CB radio. I think I have helped shape the Rc Hobby and the technology as used in it today ,believe the remote id proposals will kill development and eventually the hobby. Why not increase the 500 ft ceiling for Private Aircraft to 1000 ft except at airports which would greatly improve safety and near misses. My safety record beats some full size planes hands down having lost only a few to accidents. I own about 20 models fixed wing models. all home built with 2 new under construction at present. Please do not under estimate the technical ability of those involved in the Rc hobby. It would be a shame to lose all that skill. Regards.”