, Warners

, New York

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 13:24:41
“Hi FliteTest, FliteTest motivated me to fly fixed wing RC. I taught myself to fly by building a few of the designs to fly at my local school field. Under these new regulations, this would all be banned. In my area, there are no CBOs within walking distance. Being forced to travel to a CBO field will be a major imposition. Now, as a retiree, the additional costs of Remote ID will be prohibitive. Further, my real interest is RC gliders. None of the CBO fields are setup or encourage RC gliders. This requires finding alternate flying sites. Fortunately I have a municipal park within minutes of my location that enables flying RC gliders. However, that will all become history if these rules prevail. Regarding the Remote ID NPRM I have a few critical questions. 1) What is the real threat these rules are trying address? 2) Where is the Safety Case that validates and quantifies the identified threats? 3) Why is my type of flying (fixed wing manual RC) now a threat to the National Airspace System? Thank you for sponsoring this survey and affording us the opportunity to contribute our input. Sincerely, Mark Runnels Warners, NY”