, Henderson

, Nevada

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 13:21:30
“Flying matters to me as an individual because it’s going to be my carrier. If these requisitions would take place that would wipe out a whole collage credit high school class that I and plenty of other students take. Also it’s a very fun hobby and it’s very CONVENIENT for me to fly in MY OWN BACKYARD and in the open desert 10 feet behind my house WHERE ZERO MANNED AIRCRAFT FLY. The only thing that flys within the ground and the 400ft flight limit is my airplane, drone and my friends plane. Notice how no MANNED aircraft fly there. Witch means that we aren’t bothering/harming any manned aircraft. If the FAA puts these regulations into place the hobby would go extinct. Witch there is no reason for because people that fly in backyards or EMPTY AIRSPACE WHERE NO UNMANNED AIRCRAFT FLY don’t harm anyone there fire the FAA shouldn’t be worried about any of us.”