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2020-02-25 8:46:08
“To whom it may concern, I am a private pilot, an a&p and 25 years old. I am the first in my family to make a profession out of aviation. I recently purchased my first experimental aircraft. Building models and flying styrofoam hobby rc planes have helped shape my interests before I even chose this career path. I’ve found my passion is to share aviation any way I possibly can with my less fortunate peers. The most accessible means to get involved is by hobby rc flying. I’ve given away half my rc fleet to friends I’ve shared flying with over the years. I never could have afforded to participate in aviation at the beginning if rc models weren’t affordable. I’m concerned that these restrictions could price out young people of this entry level of aviation. I support education of pilots regarding airspace and safe operations of rc aircraft. The FAA should allow recreational flyers to register the operator onceand not require each model to be registered.This will save many hours for both the FAA regarding paperwork and for the modeler who would have to register each aircraft. Thank you, Mackenzie Walker”