, Beaumont

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 13:31:49
“I am a 61 year old and mainly fly non GPS FPV racers. These are over the weight limit due to the batteries and hardware but usually fly under 100 ft and through laid out course. I really did not see a category of questions for these in the survey. I did license my Racers and tagged them with the numbers. I would be ok with an online test seperate for FPV racer types of drones and think there should be different categories. Most questions seem to be aimed at Larger, GPS, Autonomous drones such as DJI’s and RC model Aircraft such as clubs use. I typically use my GPS drone to photograph the desert in AZ, where there is no Cell or Wifi available. However; I really do not see how some of these proposals keep the un-responsible people from doing un-responsible things. Much like gun regulation, Criminals will not follow rules, they will just disable the protocols and fly anyway. Those who are responsible and safety orientated I believe are the majority. I am retired and love to take my drones and planes out to fly for recreation. It gives me something to do and gives me pleasure. I do like to build. I tried to join an AMA flying club at a RC airport, but they would not allow any of my drones near them and I enjoy flying them more than the fixed wing. Regulation is something that costs everyone but really does nothing if not enforced except take our money. I look at the Drone Registration process. Has this done anything except take our time and money? Has there been any documented results from this registration process?”