, Rexburg

, Idaho

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 13:39:02
“I have been planning on building my first FPV drone (5-inch props) for a while now. However, Remote ID restrictions would be far too costly and I believe that for vehicles flying under 400 the loss of privacy would be tremendous. If I had to go to a registered flying field to fly a drone without Remote ID equipment then it would be too costly in money and time. I think a remote ID system would be fine for aircraft flying above 400-500ft, especially for commercial uses. Otherwise, I think communities and local governments should handle whether or not I am flying an FPV quadcopter in a local park or soccer field. I also have plans to build more sophisticated drones for monitoring and looking after crops within a certain bound location (under 400 feet) along with creating FPV wireless, mesh-connected, drone chains for maintaining a connection with an FPV drone, with other drones acting as a node network. I want to do this to sharpen my skills with programming embedded computers along with giving something to the FPV community to make digital FPV systems cheaper and more accessible since most are analog these days. If the proposed rules were to come into play as they are now, this simply wouldn’t be possible. I want to have a bird’s eye view along with learning more about flying in general. Please don’t make it nearly impossible to enjoy FPV drone flying before I even have a chance to do so.”