, Manassas

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 8:30:23
“Model RC flying as well as GA are under attack by the FAA. There is no way it can be denied. Under the guise of “safety” the powers that be are trying to regulate this hobby out of existence. We could delve into the contemporary operating environment in which we currently live in where the government expects citizens to give up liberties and freedoms all in the name of an unquantifiable amount of safety which they promise, but that will not help out with this current struggle that faces us now. I will say that there are a few bad apples that fly their drones and RC planes in an unsafe manner that put aircraft in harms way. Instead of mass punishment, deal with those directly and leave the mass majority that is doing the right thing, to keep doing the right thing. You guys are doing a tremendous job in getting the word out and trying to educate people on this action. Unfortunately, like you guys have said, it will happen, the fight now is to try to soften the blow to keep the sport and hobby at a point where it can appeal to new people and not aggrevate current involvement out of existence.”