, Rolla

, Missouri

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 0:28:16
“My family is comprised of private pilots, so I grew up around airports, airplanes, and model planes. I built my first RC plane when in high school, a Sig Riser 2M sailplane, which I still have 25 years later! It took me months to assemble. I had no idea what to do after building it, so my dad and I took it to a local flying club for assistance, where the pilots there were eager to donate weights and trim it out for me. I still remember the first time I found a thermal with it, such a rush seeing the plane “jump up” and actually having to fight to bring the bird back to the ground. Learning to navigate the skies, watch the clouds, watch the birds, and being aware of my surroundings was instilled by my trainer. My radio control pursuits were not limited to flying craft, I also tinkered with Tyco RC cars (and maybe my mom’s boombox) which served as a springboard into my college pursuit, racing solar cars. I now have a small collection of scratch built planes, hacked foamies, quadcopters, hexcopters, and anything-but-stock dirigibles! I’m a software engineer, so I like to tinker, re-flash flight controllers, and get that extra channel out of my radio. As an amateur radio operator, I find joy in feeding telemetry from my quadcopter to a PC for logging and live updates. I spend part of my free time, inspiring the next generation of engineers through mentoring with FIRST Robotics, coaching Science Olympiad students, and leading by example in the Boy Scouts. Just the other day a preschooler saw some 6th graders launching air rockets and said “I cannot wait to become a 6th grader, so I can launch rockets!” It’s amazing how the power of flight, even if only seconds long, inspires the thinkers and has me looking for ways to implement FliteTest gear into our programs. Members of the FAA, please don’t destroy the cultivating of future engineers by implementing the proposed rules of FAA-2019-1100 as they now stand. While I like the idea of remote ID, in fact a couple years ago I was even looking at how difficult it would be to add ADS-B, the current NPRM is not what I envisioned. As a certificated Part 107 pilot, I think RemoteID should be: Broadcast based, like ADS-B Required for part 107 waivers Exempt for hobby craft under 5 kg (if the limit is less than 5 kg, conduct and show research that proves why this weight was chosen for safety concerns) Full pilot/craft details only visible to ATC/law enforcement, not general public (can be done through hashed data packets – only decodable with proper key) No internet required, as all “look ups” will be of a local nature (officers in NY don’t need to know who is flying in CA) Registration for hobbyists will be dissolved completely (license plates for cars don’t reduce traffic accidents) Do not create FRIA (hobbyists will be exempt) and USS (ADS-B doesn’t require this) Implemented with commercial off the shelf GPS and telemetry radios (900, 2400, or 5800 MHz) (operators want good data and position fix, it will be accurate enough for locating)”