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2020-02-19 19:15:35
“I agree with the FPVFC statement. I believe that recreational drones do not pose a danger to the general public as long as the rules under the last FAA bill are maintained. People flying in remote areas without people and outside of the 5 mile radius of the airport do not pose a danger to any person. These laws are an infringement on the privacy of pilots and destroys a hobby. Many people find stress relief and use this as a coping mechanism in their daily lives. By taking this away people will have to find new ways to deal with their stress. Additionally, people NEED to have leisure in their life to maintain physical and mental well-being (I am an occupational therapist). By taking away this leisure activity people will have a lapse in this important domain in their life which has the potential to lead to illnesses. As the government’s job, you need to look out for the American public. By taking the ability to fly recreational drones away, the US government is hurting millions of citizens. I see how the government can views unregulated drones as a public threat, but as long as the previous FAA laws are enforced, recreational drones do NOT pose any danger to the public and should not be made illegal.”