, Matawan

, New Jersey

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 22:24:10
“> > I am a software engineer with an internet in hardware, and art. Model aviation (specifically designing, building, and flying FPV drones) brings all of my knowledge experience and interests to a single discipline that allows me to express myself artistically, expand my knowledge set in a practical way, and use both of these benefits to give back to the world on a personal level, whether it is by sharing exciting videos on the internet or taking my skill set and applying it to other aspects of my life, including my career. I personally believe that there is a ton of future technological development to come from this space, and over regulating it will unnecessarily hamper progress. Over regulation also infringes on my personal freedom of being able to simply fly recreationally. I believe that as long as I fly responsibly, without bother or danger to others, there should be a minimal set of regulations around what I am doing.”