, South Orange

, New Jersey

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 20:59:14
“I have been flying drones for years now, dating back to a DJI phantom 2 back in 2013. Since then I have started my own aerial photography company, experimented and innovated in aerial 360 degree photography, and as of last year become absolutely engrossed in the amazing hobby of FPV. It began with a small interest in micro class quadcopters, solely capable of flying indoors. From there my passions grew and I invested in my first 5 inch quad. This project taught me how to solder, the mechanics of flying machines, software manipulation and so much more. I can definitively say that these few months have been the most impactful few months of my entire education career. It allowed me to discover my passion for engineering, and is the primary reason I will be studying mechanical engineering and computer science in college. Not only has the hobby been amazingly beneficial for me from an education perspective, but the community it inspires has also had a major impact on my life. I’ve gained so much from those I’ve interacted with, and I have tried to pass this tradition on with people I meet who might be interested in the hobby. As of recently I have planted the seed for the first FPV/drone club on my campus (tufts university) with a few friends who are just getting into the hobby. Disregarding all of the other major concerns regarding these restrictions, I can only hope that my friends may find a fraction of the enjoyment I have found if these restrictions were to be put into effect. This hobby has so much to offer, and killing it with laws and restrictions will be a miserable loss to many hobbyists, students, adults and children who just want to have a good time.”