, Big Lake

, Minnesota

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 15:43:41
“I am and have been for the past 44 years an active participant in the recreational hobby of remote controlled model aircraft aviation. I have acquired many skills necessary to build, maintain and fly UAS hobby grade aircraft. My fleet of aircraft has included over 200 different aircraft throughout that time span and currently stands at 24 aircraft that I keep in flight-ready condition. I chiefly fly in the national airspace at suitable sites within about 100 miles of my residence but on occasion will fly at locations all around the US. My profile is not atypical of hundreds of similar recreational fliers that I am personally aware of both locally and nationally. I would like to see the hobby continue as much intact as possible so others can have the enjoyment and education I have gotten from this kind of aviation. In the span of time that I have been in the model aviation hobby, I also became a private pilot in general aviation for about 20 years and logged about 1000 hours as pilot in command of single engine land aircraft. But I have really utilized the hobby to maintain continuity with aviation over my entire life.”