, KNoxville

, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-19 20:41:00
“Flying DOES mater but it won’t change the minds of those pushing these overbearing rules. First i don’t believe they understand what model aviation is all about and that it is NOT a threat to NAS or security of any kind as proven by a hundred years of history. I’ve been involved with Boyscout merit badges and some other more minor educational endeavors. Model aviation Supports safety in NAS. It should not be penalized for a small few flying over first responders or airports. So i started flying at age 54 and have been to many events flying sometimes in front of a couple thousand spectators meeting all sorts of neat people. I love to help if i can others to learn to fly. Please leave Model aircraft to their Class G airspace where ever that may be. Does the FAA want all of their tracking mechanisms cluttered up with all the Models that absolutely pose no threat or security risk to NAS. It enhances nothing and at the same time places a heavy burden on responsible pilots. These tracking devices will also probably interfere with our radios signals to our planes. Go to U-tube and search for “Joe Nall” Largest RC event in the world. No issues AND they support full scale aviation. See video. I’m flying float plane? AN Exemption for model aircraft. Plain and simple.”