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, California

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2020-02-19 20:42:58
“I Started flying drones from an intrest in seeing them. At first I hated them I think because like any citizen with the initial priviacy concerns and thinking people were spying. Then I got a small Hubsan from Amazon and that changed everything. I own a greyhound dog and was always considering ways to capture the perfect greyhound gate at full speed and a drone seemed to present the perfect tool for the job. This started the passion. I then bough a larger hubsan with FPV controller and during that time I found Mr. Steel and FPV. Then someone strapped a pair of FatSharks on my head on a trip to check out my local flying field and my mind was blown. I instantly knew that I had to do this. I had a background in electronics with a BAS EET from ITT and worked in the IT industry for 30+ years. After graduating electronics school I realy never touched my electronics background and continued on working in IT. FPV presented an exciting opportunity for me to re ignite the spark for electronics as well. The bar to entry in FPV for me was very high financially as we know the better FPV equipment can get quite pricey. At this point I am no longer working for the past several years and am on a disability income but, knew that some how I need to do this. I recived a sum of money at one point for a back payment on something and made my first investment. I bought all the parts for my first FPV build from RC Depot Hobbies. I walked in and litterly said show me what I need for a build. He showed me a Shendrones Tweaker 215 frame, DYS F4, Speedix 20a escs, brother hobby tornado’s, FrSky XSR, TBS Unify, and a RR Runcam Swift and a FrSky QX7. I had already purchased a set of Box Goggles from Banggood previously with this plan in mind. I ad a few weeks earlier met a young friend I saw flying FPV at a local park and he had been willing to help me put togher my first quad as well as I had made a few friends on the internet who helped me through. I took all my build parts to his house one day and he helped me put it togehter. The next day it had it’s maiden and the rest is history. Today I own aproximately 10 FPV quadcopters and a FT aarow wing that was hand built from the FT patern using old quad parts for a drive train. I would not had the ability to put that wing together without all your gerat documentation and video instruction. It inspired me to scratch build after my awseom experience with quadcopters. FPV has changed my life. I suffer from bi-polar and high anxiety. When I fly FPV I am in another world my mind quiets and I am at peace 100% focused unlike anything I’ve ever done before. As you know I’m not the only one who has been changed by FPV flight in this way. It’s an unexplainable experience that if taken away by FAA regulation will have a great effect on a great number of people who take the air safely each and every day. Drones dont cause regulations stupid (uninformed) people with drones cause regulation. We need to educate not eradicate. By the way I still havent gotten that perfect Greyhound gate while running captured yet but, It will happen. Looking forward to a future I can stil be able to create that dream. PS Thanks for basically motivating me to make my statement to the FAA. By filling out this survey it gave me the time and energy to think and finally sit down and write this and now it’s done. Wheeww… TokeyFPV”