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, Texas

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2020-02-13 20:51:00
“My family has been involved in flying as long as I can remember. My grandfather was an aircraft mechanic in the first World War. Two of my Uncles were involved in military aviation in WWII. My Dad has been flying since he was a teenager. My younger brother and I are both private pilots. I have been involved in model aviation for 60 years. I recently retired and was looking forward to enjoying building and flying my many model aircraft that I have collected (30+ over the last 40 years) during my retirement. I’m not sure how the NPRM will affect those plans now. I find it baffling that I can get in an ultralite and fly in many places with fewer restrictions that I can with an rc model of the same ultralite. I guess if the NPRM does come pass as written, I can just go bigger and look at building and flying an Ultralite, lol. I would miss all my flying buddies though.”