, Leonard

, North Dakota

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 21:42:29
“My Story I am a 14 y/o that is a freshman in highschool in North Dakota. I found RC Aviation through FliteTest. I was inspired by their wacky builds, such as a flying cinderblock, plunger-plane, etc., and also their regular-sized planes, like the warbirds. I found FliteTest in the fall of 2017. By the winter, I was begging for my first plane for Christmas. Sure enough, my dad bought me my first RC Plane. It was a small, lightweight, Sports Cub S. It weighs 57 grams, and has a wingspan of 616 mm. I absolutely loved it. It combined all of my interests; physics, coding, 3D Printing, and DIY things. RC Aviation inspired me to get into general and commercial aviation. As previously stated, I love physics, coding, 3D Printing, as well as other things, but I didn’t think I could make a career out of them. I am now certain I want to become a commercial pilot, which stemmed from my love for RC aviation. In addition to enkindling a life-long career, RC aviation has helped me grow personally as well. The relationship between my dad and I has grown through many examples. One of these examples is building a 6ft wide bomber as a project in the winter of 2018. I originally planned to do it all myself, but I soon found that that wouldn’t work. I asked my dad if he would offer some help, and he agreed. He is knowledgeable in electricity and physics among other things. It was good for our relationship to be working together for a common goal. We got to talk about anything we wanted to without interruptions. That definitely improved the relationship between us. My final example is that of me now teaching my dad to fly. He has watched and supported me flying for 2 years, and now decided he wants to become a part of the hobby as well. I started off teaching him on the simulator for a couple of weeks. I showed him the controls, how to fly a basic pattern, the “low wing” method when flying towards yourself, and many other things. I also then made a small trainer plane that had 3D printed landing gear with a steerable nosewheel specifically for my dad to fly. I got my two transmitters so we could use a “buddy” system. That allows him to fly most of the time, but I can override/correct him whenever necessary, which has grown our relationship as well. I hope to let him fly solo sometime soon. Besides that, it is has allowed experience to be near each other, both figuratively and literally. It has opened up many conversations I otherwise wouldn’t have with my dad. <strong>Concerns</strong> Some of the main concerns I have for Remote ID is: 1. Will it be expensive? 2.Will it restrict my ability to fly from my farm?—Will I have to get my parents to drive me to a flying field 50 miles away, just to fly for 10 minutes? 3. Do I need to undergo a registration process to obtain a “Remote ID”? <strong>Ideas</strong> If we are absolutely forced to get a “Remote ID”, I would prefer an app-based solution that shows a map of other pilots in the area. Living in small-town North Dakota, miles away from any town, I don’t have anyone else besides my dad to fly with. It would be nice to be able to connect with other pilots in the state, and organize meet-ups. We could share build ideas, grow friendships, etc.”