, Meridian

, Idaho

, United States

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2020-02-22 15:07:37
“I live in the state of Idaho. CURRENTLY we can fly in city parks providing we fly aircraft that weigh less than 24 ozs. They must be slow flyers. They can not be gas – therefore electric is what I do. I am an AMA member and have been since the early 1970’s and have always been a member of a AMA certified CBO club with an associated flying site. In the past this has not been a great distance form my home; however today due to noise issues (most clubs has this issue) my club flying site is 18 miles one way from my home so it is costly to load up an make a day trip there. I live across the street from a city park in my housing track and I take one or two of my foam board park flyers across the street and get in tow to four flights during the day and sometimes in the evening. Like I do at the club flying site I apply the same safety regulations when I am flying at the park. The cost of, and inability of my small park flyers to support additional onboard equipment will put several of my planes over the 24 Ozs. and therefore I will no longer be able to fly them in the park. This does not include the $ cost of the onboard identification equipment, network requirements; and whatever is required based on the current proposal. If the current proposal in implemented if could end nearly a 50 year love of flying for me as it could make these requirements to costly. I have several great-grand children that I am wanting this great hobby with in their local parks – and if changes are not made to the proposed new rule – this may not be possible! Thanks for taking the time to consider my input on these new rule changes. Ken Welch”