, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-22 15:07:49
“Until every AR 15 and Glock and Mossberg has a GPS tracker on it that broadcasts its owners location at the owners expense, this is a Putinism-level hypocrisy and bastardisation of the meaning of liberty, innovation, education, and family clearly designed to keep the United States from excelling in the next generation of aviation. Apparently the FAA likes the USA paying Russia for rides. Wouldn’t it be nice if the FAA could bother making sure full sized commercial aviation was safe before -Undermining STEM education in this nation -taking away almost 70 years of SAFE family traditions and destroying the source of America’s aviation engineering pioneers How many deaths have been a result of FAA inspected aircraft? How many deaths have been a result of model aviation? How many CURRENT and FUTURE commercial aviation technologies were DIRECTLY pioneered by model aviation? Quit being traitors to our future as a nation. Quit helping our enemies out innovate us. Quit mandating the USA to be dependant on minds from other nations to solve our problems. Quit being enemies of the citizens of this nation Matthew 7: 3-5, assholes”