, Ham Lake

, Minnesota

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 11:51:59
“Designing, building and flying model aircraft is a time honored hobby that families have enjoyed and passed on for multiple generations now. These regulations, if implemented as written will effectively end the hobby for the majority of it’s users. Only those select few who live near an approved site will still be able to fly, and only for a limited time until all of the fields go extinct. There will be those who will be able to afford the manufactured, approved aircraft (mostly professional photography drones) but that’s the smallest group inside of this hobby. I actually own a photography drone (Autel Evo) but when I’m flying that aircraft, I’m a photographer and not a model aircraft pilot. The FAA already has the perfect solution to it’s perceived problem in place and working. The LAANC system is all that’s required for model aircraft to notify the FAA of when and where they will be flying. I am a user of this system now and it’s easy, free and the perfect solution. I’m afraid this regulation is being pushed forward by people who have absolutely no idea what this hobby is all about and don’t seem to care about what it will do. There are thousands of US jobs that rely on the RC aircraft hobby that will no doubt be eliminated when this hobby is regulated into extinction.”