, Hesston

, Kansas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 11:51:24
“Flying like playing the guitar for me is a sense of escape and meditation. F.P.V. is great fun and provides the ability to see and capture views of local wildlife and scenery that cannot otherwise be seen or captured without a pilots license and aircraft. I’m part of a farming family and we use crop surveillance software to help with issues in the fields be it ground erosion or places of concern for more or less fertilizer herbicides etc. I’ve been flying line of sight hobby planes and helicopters since the 90s as a child. And while i CAN understand people’s concerns for privacy and fears that a drone is going to peep on them through their windows at night………. I personally find it rather ridiculous when thought about in practical terms. First off its ALOT of time and money to gain the skills to pilot a drone of any kind or model at night with enough precision to “peep” on someone. Due to lack of vision at night making depth perception and objects hard to see during the day impossible at night like small branches or power lines. Then you have to find a model that won’t be noisy when flying and hovering….. But more then anything else……. Why wouldn’t a person just go buy a pair of high powered binoculars or a spotting scope and just find an elevated hiding spot to do their peeping?.?. Point is that there is WAY to much fear tactics being implied to push us out of the harmless hobby. A hobby that has been around for 20 some odd years BEFORE drones every showed up and NOW the FAA needs to regulate it……. Why now? Why wasn’t our planes and helicopters a bothersome problem before??”