, Philadelphia

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-24 14:50:46
“Flying matters to me because it allows me to explore my world in a brand new way. I’m a recent licensed Part 107 pilot, which I intend to use for photography and videography, but I also enjoy flying smaller drones around my yard. I grew up going to flying fields with my family to watch my father fly, and occasionally help find a plane lost in a cornfield. Because of my interest in drones, my father picked up the hobby again after a 22 year hiatus. I would love to fly with him, but his AMA field only allows drones over the U control, when no one else is in the air. The other local AMA field does not allow drones at all. My biggest concern with the new proposal is that anyone could find my location, and a woman who typically flies by herself, this potentially puts my safety at risk.”