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2020-02-19 15:30:04
“I have flow rc since I was 14 and have flow everything from rotorcraft to 1/4 scale to multirotors and there is no safety issue requiring such regulation. This is clearly coorporatism at work. These regulations are far beyond what is required of even human flight. Even full size aircraft don’t have have parts made by FAA certified manufacturers! I also skydive and we are totally unregulated except for the time we spend on the airplane which is still very minimal in regulation. I could go fly a PPG right now without being licensed or registered! As long as we are in G airspace we should be able to fly just like anything else is allowed to! Besides, now with fpv I hardly ever break 100ft yet I have to be more regulated than full size aircraft? Even full size aircraft don’t have the extensive “beacon” requirements we would have and they are far more dangerous. Full size helicopters can fly over people and thats considered safe yet a 251gram remote control toy is dangerous and not allowed even under current regulations! Its all ridiculous!”