, Mexico

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2020-02-16 11:00:26
“Even if I live outside the US and this proposed rules will not affect me at the start, eventually it will. I fly everything from DIY quads, FPV quads, DJI drones, foamboard, foam, balsa, 3d printed, electric, glow and gas planes. I have in total 30+ drones-planes. By their size most of them need a proper field to fly them. I’m currently a model club member, well organized. I believe for some applications, such as beyond line of sight, flying over people, heavy weights of heavy lifters, remote ID should be implemented, but not the way it is currently proposed. This information should not be made public available. The involving costs in order to comply will be completely prohibitive for most of the modelers and it will affect a lot of people who will be out of the hobby and prevent others to get into it.”