, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-22 13:42:53
“I’ve been flying since I was six. Everything from micro e-flite size to 40% gas planes. We mostly fly on our personal property as there are no clubs within a reasonable distance. As a continuing college student this works out well for me as the hobby is pretty expensive as it stands without a monthly membership. A proposal like this will change that. Given my situation, it would become functionally impossible for me to continue this hobby. Not only would it be a significant burden for me to retrofit the large number of craft I fly with an unknown amount of new equipment, it would be impossible to do so on many of them due to their age or building methods. Add that I cannot afford to buy a separate system for EACH aircraft, much less some kind of wifi service just to fly an aircraft on my own property, and my ability to fly will be effectively cut off. Unintelligent and unintuitive blanket rules like this are not the answer to a few morons flying where they shouldnt, and treating all of us like drone pilots is not only unfair, but completely incorrect. I realize that government agencies like the FAA couldn’t care less about hobbyists like us. We pay them no taxes after all, and have no effect on their bottom line. But a poorly thought out regulation like this will cause significant damge to the industry , and backlash from the community that would significantly degrade their reputation.”