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, Wisconsin

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2020-02-23 20:16:32
“I have been involved in Radio Control for over 50 years it has helped me with my career my creativity my family life and has been a fullfilling hobby. A big part of this hobby to me is to start with nothing, design, build and experience with seeing your products come to a conclusion where you can enjoy and use it whether it be air plane, helicopters, quad copters, boats or cars. I’m getting ready to retire and have planned on this hobby to fulfill my time by designing products. I design and 3-D print, I design and fabrication for my career and planned to do it in my hobby. The way I understand the bill this will be effected dramaticlly. As far as my family the whole family used to go racing every weekend and my sons are grown and have moved away. This is one thing we do is to get together to fly and race. It is a big part of our relationship that we all enjoy. Throughout my years in the hobby I have belonged to clubs educated and trained the youth at the clubs and with the boy scouts. I beleive that this bill can dramitically effect inovation and creativity for the future of our country because of how it will effect the youth and how they will get involved in building, being creative with so many things. Like electronics, avation, designing and hands on building.”