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2020-02-23 20:19:45
“I guess I’ll start with. Hello my name is (Not Important) and I’m an addict. Since I started my recovery 3 years ago I was house ridden and never really wanted to go outside. I’ve followed FPV for about 5 years now and when I stopped using, my money has gone to FPV equipment and I have had a reason to go outside. Along with the want to be outdoors I’ve also made a good deal of new friends. My fiance isn’t a pilot but she loves coming out with me now when I go flying, as well as bringing the dog with us. Before I started FPV I was a miserable person. I mean really, my fiance was ready to leave me after 18 yrs and that includes the 8 years of drug abuse. She put up with me being a junkie for over 8 years and when I became clean I had a very hard time adjusting. She didn’t like what was supposed to be a better “ME”. But once I started getting back into RC drones my attitude changed significantly and I became a much nicer person. It gives me an escape from the monotony of my everyday life. It puts me in great places outdoors and has grown an entire new group of friends who know what I was and expect me for who I am now. I’m not a very smart person… seriously. But being able to sit down and work on quadcopter for a few hours and the next day spending time with my loved ones and friends having fun whether it just flying in an unpopulated area trying to do tricks or get beautiful video and pictures. To us having races around a set of trees and small cloth gates. To packing up for an entire weekend for an FPV event. This hobby has saved my life my relationship and grown friendship with people I’d have never talked to if it weren’t for the FPV hobby. It’s hard enough to put together and manage the fleet of quadcopters I have now. I don’t fly places that have internet access for the reason of the places where I do fly don’t have people or property to hurt or damage. I follow the rules and stick to the group of people who have fun enjoying the FREEDOM OF GATHERING UP OUR STUFF AND GOING OUT TO FLY. Your taking that freedom away. I for the most part have been a law bidding citizen my entire life. And honestly if this passes you are going to not only turn me but 100s of thousands of people into criminals. Please don’t do this. It’s a hobby and kind of a sport. Your placing all of this into a line for extinction.”