, Canada

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2020-02-14 13:02:17
“I am a 46 year old Canadian. I started with a DJI Mavic Pro and since that purchase I have built 14 quad-copters and 5 flying wings. I enjoy flying model aircraft because it is a great way to feel free like a bird with out the risk and costs of flying a full size vehicle. I also love that I can explore areas from a different perspective. Although I am an outdoorsman this hobby has greatly increased my time outside, plus it has increased the amount of time my family spends outdoors. This hobby takes us to many more places than we were previously visiting. I fear that if the FAA enacts the remote ID laws that are currently proposed most of us flying hobbyists will lose the ability to operate thousands of dollars worth of equipment that we currently own. The proposed rules will also inhibit many from getting into the hobby as well as stifle growth and innovation in the technology we enjoy. This hobby has been proven to be extremely safe and this is shown by strong statistics. I am not against remote ID(as long as operator location is excluded) for commercial operations but please for the sake of this hobby do not ask us recreational flyers to do the impossible. These laws will just create criminals out of normal everyday law abiding people.”