, Keokuk

, Iowa

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 5:28:05
“I think this would not allow some of us in remote locations and living in the country to be able to comply with this law. It would require me to drive 2 hours to a MAA approved field to fly and then to only get a flight or two in due to the other pilots required to be there also. I think that the idea of giving a 0 to 300 foot height area for modelers to fly and a 300 to 400 foot area for commercial drones to fly and above 400 foot is for airplanes would work great, you could even lower ours to 200 feet as I don’t fly to high any ways. If they put this Remote ID in place I would be one of the people that would be flying out of compliance as it would be very hard for us to afford what we would need on the drones to fly.”