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, Connecticut

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2020-02-25 21:40:04
“I have been flying radio control airplanes since 1976 with varied success. I have been in and out of hobby, but found Flightest on youtube 6 years ago and loved what you had done with simple materials and the success and community feeling you guys put out. I had great success with your kits and help other people get into the hobby by using your knowledge. Since then I have also purchased fpv drones to fly in my backyard and tiny whoops and a bunch of gps drones with cameras. I finally broke down this Christmas and bought a Mavic Mini to try out aerial photography. We mostly fly the airplanes at local parks and follow the AMA rules which have been around since 1976 at the WRAM show in NY. The public has always been 100% supportive of us and we always are courteous and stop if someone is walking a dog etc. Several times I felt like we were performing in an old airplane flying circus show and the people really enjoy watching us. 80% of the people ask us about the hobby and how much it cost and we tell them about Flight test and how good the planes fly and how rewarding they are to build. Its funny but the drones seem to have a bad reputation with the public, though I love that I can fly them in my backyard and race them though courses. FPV on the drones is as close as I will every come to really flying an airplane and I aspire to be able to do tricks like Joshua Bardwell. I know that my interest in this hobby when I was 13 guided me with my career choice in computer science and technology. I think the James May video about flying balsa gliders when he was a kid hits home the closest to what this hobby means and his statement that early man looked up and saw a bird and became fascinated with flight and wanted to fly like a bird is in all of us. He also hits on what you guys talk about, that we don’t succeed at flight the first time or even the second time, but by investing in persistence and practice we finally succeed in flying a plane or drone the feeling of accomplishment is universal and really teaches everyone that participates in this hobby something incredibly important that can be applied to their whole lives. Our crashing and coming back for more is an important lesson and can be applied to our jobs, education, marriages and any other aspirations we have in life. Unfortunately this is what the FAA is killing and they don’t even know they are doing it. No matter how this turns out with the FAA, I want to thank all of you at Flight Test and what your are doing for the hobby. Well done. ?Š James May video just in case you haven’t seen it.