, Edmond

, Oklahoma

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 10:26:00
“I have been RC fixed wing (UAS) hobby for 2 years. I find this hobby very stimulating to my 75 year old mind. I now understand how this hobby can instill a person to want to learn to fly a piloted aircraft. Some understanding of aerodynamics is needed to be successful as a UAS pilot. I have made a lot of great friends in RC flying. It makes me feel good to have a young person teach me skills and vice versa as I get more experienced. I am working with our local parks department to build a new RC field about 2 years away. The new regulation would prevent this from happening. I believe most of the safety controls could be incorporated in the receivers and transmitters. We could have FAA approved community based locations based on gps coordinates. Each field altitude and line of sight distances would be pre approved. The FAA concept of one size fits all is a too broad approach. Just like a pilot controlled aircraft, there will have to be many layers to this regulation. The 400 foot limit of flying needs to be based on real analysis from the field. No where in the proposal has a engineering basis been used on the 400 foot limit. Let the manufactures propose these limits based on line of site and aircraft design. Home builts flying distance could be based on weight or wing size or both. As proposed, my local hobby shop will most likely close because so many people can not afford the hobby or the regulations will be too complex or expensive. I think we need at least 2 more revisions to this new regulation to meet its objectives to promote safety and the hobby. Thank you Jim Hays”