, New Jersey

, United States

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2020-02-23 10:26:50
“I started in model aviation some 30 years ago, due to work and family responsibilities I set the hobby aside as my skill level was lacking and clubs were few and far between in my area. Fast forward 20 years, with a grown family and stable job I was reintroduced to the hobby and with the evolution of materials and technology I was able to solo my first foam trainer with SAFE technology in a matter of two weekends. I now have a fleet of about 20 planes which I fly as a member of two different AMA model clubs. Model aviation for me has been a great relief from the stresses of work and home and a great opportunity to meet new people from different professional and social circles. I have even started to share the hobby with my adult son. As we approach retirement age and living on a fixed income these proposed changes are frightening, if I had to outfit each one of my traditional model aircraft with ID technology, I would have to either sell off most of my fleet for a loss or exit the hobby entirely. The aircraft we fly are line of site, even if flying FPV, we still fly within the AMA rules of LOS for a spotter. The rules being proposed are intended to address a very small number of common folk who do not know the hobby, are not card carrying members of the AMA and fly with little regard for laws or safety. These proposed rules are the equivalent of using a bomb to swat a fly, in my opinion and put undue stress and cost to the true hobbyist. As for FRIAs, this is unrealistic, clubs are forced to change locations all of the time for various reasons and in many cases are too remote to be “connected”. I encourage you to seek alternative solutions to address the real problem and not target the TMAs as a whole”