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2020-02-21 7:15:37
“I don’t think hobbyists are going to accept further restrictions unless a good case can be made as to how the restrictions are going to stop irresponsible users. For self-built models, irresponsible users will simply build their models without the mandated system and the responsible users will end up paying the price in headache and extra parts (triple whammy of cost, amp draw and weight). The responsible users will end up frustrated and many will end up flaunting the rules, becoming irresponsible users. There is a significant case to be made for consumer ‘drone’ type models (DJI, Yuneec, Parrot) having these safeguards built-in. I would add that hobbyists can be brought on-side by being able to (at least partially, so you could fly without internet access for example) disable the restrictions with a code after an online rules awareness and competency test is passed. A fairly flimsy mechanism, but it provides a very accessible path to engaging with the rules. People will only respect the rules if they feel the regulator respects their interests.”