, Chackbay

, Louisiana

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 19:35:43
“I am 57 years old and I fly fixed wing traditional model foam rc airplanes. I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 32 years of service to my community. Since I have retired I have taken up the hobby of flying rc airplanes. I enjoy building my own planes from foam board. I also have many store bought models that are almost ready to fly but need to be completed by me before flying. I currently have about 24 model rc airplanes. My family gave me three new planes for Christmas 2019 that are still in their boxes. My rc planes range from 1/2 pound to 3 1/2 pounds. I fly under the current AMA/FAA safety rules 400ft. AGL visual line of sight only in rural areas not over people not near any airports. I always fly in class G uncontrolled airspace in rural or remote areas and empty fields or empty local parks. I have to keep my planes within my line of sight for proper orientation of the aircraft to prevent crashing and destroying my planes. How I fly poses no threat to anyone or any property other than my own foam planes. The proposed remote ID regulations would pose an added financial burden and would make my fleet of model foam rc planes non compliant because RID could not be added. Also the nearest AMA flying field is about 30 miles away from me. The traditional model fixed wing rc airplane hobby has a proven 80 plus year safety record. I am registered with the FAA as a model rc pilot. All of my model airplanes have my pilot registration number posted on the outside of the plane. I also carry a copy of my FAA pilot registration certificate with me when ever I fly. If I ever endanger anyone or violate any laws while flying the Police can easily locate me and my plane because I will be withing visual line of sight of the plane standing there with my transmitter in hand. I think this knee jerk reaction is an attempt to clear the class G uncontrolled low altitude airspace for future commercial delivery drones to fly. I feel this is a great example of Government overreach. The proposed FAA remote ID regulations will infringe on my right to pursue happiness and enjoy this wonderful hobby of flying remote control model foam airplanes. My entire adult life was devoted to uphold the laws and protect the people in my community. I have put my own life and safety at risk every day that I wore my badge and uniform. Please do not make flying a toy foam model rc airplane a criminal activity. I ask that you reconsider these proposed rules and allow traditional fixed wing model rc pilots to continue to fly in class G uncontrolled airspace in rural areas under 400 ft. AGL away from any airports under the current FAA rules. Traditional fixed wing model rc planes that always fly within visual line of sight should be in a separate class than being mixed in with Quads and drones that fly FPV or BVLOS. If you must regulate FPV or BVLOS drones for safety reasons do not kill the entire rc hobby in the process. Help save the rc hobby and help protect our right to fly safely fixed wing model rc airplanes and continue my pursuit of happiness. Thank you for your consideration of this request. Jeffery Landry”