, Maryland

, United States

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2020-02-16 10:47:02
“Volunteer Firefighters/EMTs My name is Jeffery Eck. I wish to comment on the FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making. I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT in Maryland. I and several other volunteer firefighters enjoy flying our quadcopters in a large, mostly rural, open field behind our volunteer fire station. The quadcopters are always flown within line of sight and below 400 feet AGL. I and currently enrolled in an on-line Part 107 remote pilot certification towards becoming a commercial remote pilot. I have kept up on the NPRM and I wish to comment on the FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making. While I and several volunteer firefighters/EMTs enjoy flying and chasing each other in the air, we are also available to respond to 911 calls. I am not implying that losing our freedom to fly our quadcopters behind the firehouse prevents us from responding to 911 calls. However, I am saying that flying behind the station tends to keep us there, ready to respond. I fully support and agree that the FAA has the mandate to control the airspace for the nation’s security and everyone’s safety. I request the FAA to consider regulating the airspace to exclude hobbyist quadcopters & UAS, many of which are homemade, from the Standard Remote Identification UAS and Limited Remote Identification UAS requirements. I ask this for two reasons. Many of the hobbyist quadcopters are home designed and built from scratch without a Remote ID capability. The NPRM, as stated, would ground the home built UAS. The open field behind our fire station does not receive a reliable cell signal. Therefore, even if the hobbyist’s quadcopters had a Remote ID capability, there is no reliable cell signal to transmit the Remote ID information. Without the ability to transmit the Remote ID information, the rural area behind out fire station would become off-limits for UAS flying. I am available for any questions or clarification.”