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, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-21 9:14:41
“I have had anxiety my entire life. Medication was tried here and there throughout my youth (Ritalin, Prozac, etc). Nothing really brought me calm and focus until I discovered my musical abilities in my teens and then later in my 30’s, the great hobby that is FPV. Being able to cut loose from the ground and be up in the air for ~3 – 5 minutes at a time allows me to leave my worries and concerns for a bit and just feel free. It’s truly one of the only things that brings me such release, such unrestricted joy and keeps me sane throughout the day, the week, etc. I am married, have a son that is 14 months old and two dogs. I love my family dearly but when home gets overwhelming, my wife lets me head out for a bit to hit a park or school playground (when it’s empty) or wherever I can go and responsibly cut loose with my headset and my quads for a bit. In the 5+ years that I have been in this hobby, I’ve never experienced anything but interest, joy and curiosity from passersby when I’m out flying. I mostly keep to myself but the occasional dog-walker or kids at a park always have the greatest smiles on their faces when I show them what I’ve build and what it can do. This hobby breathes happiness. This hobby brings me sanity and release in ways that medication cannot. These proposed regulations and possible required additional components would not only restrict but greatly inhibit the pure joy that it brings to my life. There is an inherent responsibility that comes with flying, just like with all powerful and amazing things we operate in life. I would not fly in a manner or location that would disrupt people or animals or put the quad or someone in any type of danger, just like the photographer with his telephoto lens would not take pictures of his neighbor through the window down the street. There is too much fun to be had to want to cause any type of mischief. I honestly believe that this proposed regulation is nothing more than a drastic overreaching due to a few incidents caused by DJI or gps-enabled photography/videography drones and the hype those incidents got in terms of national attention. Everyone I have ever met in the FPV community cares too much about the freedom of flight to take advantage in a negative or destructive manner. The changes that this proposed regulation would make would cripple and devastate not only the FPV pilots and good people of this community, but also the manufacturers of the parts that we support by purchasing their products and building these wonders crafts. I sincerely hope you take the time to carefully review and consider what extreme negative impact these changes would have on so many people, their joy within this hobby and the support we bring to the manufacturers. There is simply no reason to change the way things are right now and the data proves it. Please, hear our voices and consider these points. From the bottom of my A.D.D., anxiety-ridden heart, I appreciate your time in listening to my story. I love this hobby so much. I do not want it to change in any way.”