, Suwanee

, Georgia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 19:34:55
“Most of my UAS craft are scratch built FPV acrobatic proximity flying precision fun machines. This means even as basic as selecting a carbon fiber frame, to printing some of the support structures on my own 3D printer, to soldering the electronics and configuring and loading the flight controller with the best possible firmware and settings, we do it all. Our craft fly better, in an entertaining and fun way that provides the observers we’ve had with some of the most fun flying you can have while safely on the ground. If a bystander comes by and asks us what we are doing, we are in general, very excited to share all the knowledge we have and even give them the experience in the FPV goggles should they accept. I’ve personally given this sort of “ride” to countless uninitiated people, introducing them to the hobby and the potential it has. Young, old, race, religion, gender, background it doesn’t matter. I’ve given rides to a WWII vet who personally had flown in missions so long ago protecting this great nation of ours, and I’ve given rides to young kids and hopefully helped inspire them that they too can participate in the joy of flight by way of building and designing their very own FPV drone. My friends and I fly together, safely, always with an operational spotter. We identify a clear line of sight field on public land or land owned by one of us, or land on which we otherwise have permission to fly at. We take care to identify any dangerous situations and will happily wait or change locations when they appear. If someone asks us to leave, by right, or by wish, we always respect others and I’ve never had an issue with someone. We have been flying for years and I know of not a single incident where a bystander was harmed or there was any damage to property. We clearly love flight. We clearly love this hobby and have successfully taken the reigns of stewardship to ensuring we have a clean safety record in all ways. If someone in our community does something we disagree with, we educate them, even if it’s not explicitly against the stringent rules the FAA provides already. We take what we do seriously.”