, Minnesota

, United States

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2020-02-19 15:26:18
“I have been a model aviation hobbyist for nearly a decade, and this is a hobby I hope to pass on to my children who are currently too young to fly. The FAA’s draconian RemoteID NPRM presents a mortal threat to the opportunity for my children to take part in model aviation. Instead, children from other countries will learn these skills and be ready for aviation careers in the future. Meanwhile, the United States’s current critical shortage of pilots will only become worse, and the US will become an also-ran in a critical technological field. The FAA’s failure to listen to hobbyist concerns caused the FAA’s first stab at a registration scheme to be kicked out by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals – in a decision written by now-Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. If the FAA does not follow its legal obligations to listen to the concerns of hobbyists – the largest aviation group in the country by far – the FAA can and will face other lawsuits. The FAA has consistently failed to be aware of or pay any heed to the interests of hobbyists. Had the FAA not taken this approach, it is likely that the process of integrating UAS into the NAS would have happened years ago with much less acrimony. It is unfortunate that the FAA continues to fail to learn from its mistakes, and it will likely be up to the courts and Congress to reign in the FAA’s continued overreaching.”