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2020-02-19 13:59:31
“I have been a first person view (FPV) Pilot for a little over 2 years. Since I started flying FPV, I have made numerous friends and contacts in this amazing community. If the rules as they have been written are passed, I will not be able to fly in the places I do with all of my friends. The places we fly are in empty parking lots, parking garages, UCSC Campus, in the woods, and many other places. All of these would never be able to be a FRIA because they are used during the week as places of work, education, or in the middle of nowhere. When my community and I fly, we never fly over people or vehicles and have always been that way. Since we all fly freestyle or racing, there is never reason for us to go above 400 feet, and none of us do. The other side of my radio control model flying is aircraft/fixed wing. I do this with my children which are age 7 and 10. Both are very excited to fly with me and getting them away from TV’s and tablets is never a bad thing. If the rules are passed as written we would not have the places to fly anywhere nearby and I would not be able to take them to fly because it would make it a criminal offense. Both of my children have learned a lot from helping be build and program these models both, quad-copter and fixed wings. I have shown them all the aspects that go into building and flying from the engineering, and technologies that are in each of the “builds” to the science of how it all works and the math required to figure out proper sizing of batteries, motor sizes, propeller sizes and so on. I have always been a hands on learner and both of my children learn much more this way too. [11:02 AM] One of the other things my children have seen me doing is editing flight videos and shown interest in how it works. I have walked them through the processes of how I put a video together with editing and adding music and effects to the video. I feel this kind of education is very important in this day and age. If I am not permitted to fly the way we do I would not have this opportunity for my children. All of this is STEM learning and in my opinion of amazing value for our next generation I really hope the FAA will take into consideration the amount of hobbyist fliers that have no intention of breaking the laws and guidelines already in effect from the FAA seriously and not use such harsh regulations as proposed. On another note I fully understand the need for some sort of airspace regulation for commercial drone use above 500 feet for deliveries and such do to traffic, But I don’t think the same rules should apply to hobbyist pilots.”