, Asheboro

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 23:30:20
“Flying got me through a bad time in life. My world had just fallen apart, went through a terrible divorce and that left me broken and unsure of anything at all. My confidence shaken, my self image destroyed two guys I went to church with were pilots of various skills, one was a life long pilot, the other was a beginner who realized it wasn’t for him. At the encouragement of the elder pilot, I purchased the others gear and began my “flight training.” The Community I encountered and the encouragement of the other pilots I met was phenomenal, from guys who scratch build balsa kits and others who designed their own and a couple who built full size aircraft and flew them. This hobby gave me the fellowship that was missing, the confidence that its not all bad, and the attitude of build, fly crash, repeat. I have watched strangers maiden flights and landings, no matter how severe, I have assisted in preflight checks and even held the plastic bag for people whose last 8 month build just kitted itself through a grove of pine trees. This hobby now means even more, I have found that it can help me reach out to my own children and their friends as well, my wife and I became foster parents in 2018 and I have found that this hobby is a great way to open communications with kids who are struggling with all kinds of issues. I hope to start a group that will assist in letting some of the children and adults in the foster care system experience the wonder of piloting their own. These kids who have no control over so many facets of their life have an opportunity to finally have control over something they care about. With the possibility of Remote ID this dream may never see the light of day due to the equipment, locations, and other restrictions that Remote ID will require.”