, McKinney

, Texas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 23:27:26
“I fly several types of RC planes, but large scale aerobatic planes (35%-42%) are my main focus. This is my passion, and the way I have chosen to spend most of my time in retirement. I will not be able to build or fly these planes within the limits presented in the proposed rules. The 400′ bubble is unrealistic, we use around 1/4 mile of airspace in front of us, to the left and right, and in height. Not allowing a way for new FRIA fields to be recognized after 12 months will eliminate many flying sites. The serial number requirements do not fit with the current technology. The technology required for remote ID equipment is non-existent. The internet is not available at every FRIA site. The requirement to identify every single plane instead of the pilot will be a financial burden with 20+ airplanes. These rules seem to assume all model aircraft have high end drone technology embedded in them (GPS, return to home, automatic 400′ limit compliance etc..) my planes have none of that. It’s like the authors don’t have a clue what we do. I see all this as a poorly informed control effort that will infringe on my right to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that my segment of the drone world (model airplanes, line of sight, in control of a pilot within 1/4 mile of the aircraft, limited to less that 15 minute flight times) has never been, is not and never will be a significant threat. I believe model aircraft as described above should be regulated, or left alone as a separate entity from the beyond line of site, GPS controlled, autonomous UASs that the rules seem to be written around, and that are a threat. I believe in following the rules, or changing the rules, but I’m struggling with what I will do if this rule is adopted. Will I give up my passion, or become another disgruntled rule breaker.”