, Myrtle point

, Oregon

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 11:45:38
“I fly with several friends from my church. I also fly with several teenagers that I have helped learn to fly, scratch build planes, design new parts, and other activities related to model aircraft. This has provided great educational opportunities for both these kids and myself, as well a built a community of local fliers both young and old. Our nearest club field is over an hour away, and nearest AMA field over 2 hours. Our current flying area is over a local farmers diary pasture (100 acres), and over private uninhabited ranch land (600 acres), and there no cellular service in these areas, and barely even any internet service other than satelite. I agree that some sort of online educational resource could be beneficial, but these kids dont have the money to pay for remote id equipment and data plans, and their aircraft are built out of dollar tree foam board. These proposed regulations would destroy the hobby in my local area, and we would be required to drive over 2 hours round trip to be able to fly, or over 4 for an AMA field.”